MapView is mapping software dedicated to route planning and navigation for hiking and cycling. It is very handy for geocaching lovers. It enables you to plan your trip or expedition from comfort of your home desktop computer. You can plan your tracks by simple clicking on the map, or you can view track logs from the other people. You can check your tracks with on-line satellite or orthophoto maps e.g. Google maps.

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If you have any question about using MapView, or if you want to help with import your existing raster maps in whatever format, or if you find some map archive on Internet, or if you find any handy interactive map on the Internet (like googlemaps) and you want to integrate it with MapView, don't hesitate any moments and send me email with your questions, don't worry to attach your data, or send me at least link to that data and I will try to do the most for your satisfaction. Because there are no physical limits for MapView, but at this moment there still remain plenty of work to do and your feedback and your whishes are very important for fulfil my dream that every map and every people walking on the Earth will know MapView.

If you want to implement any missing projection, or if you are fascinated by MapView and you want to contribute to this work by gathering maps, or by writing or managing scripts for new on-line web maps (like googlemaps), your emails are welcome.

And last but not least if you are software company interested in MapView, or if you are a wealthy man who think about investing his money, I am persuaded that buying MapView with next development is your business success. MapView products have already been ported on three platforms: desktop, mobile and web.

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