MapView for desktop user guide:


MapView application overview

MapView is application for viewing raster digital maps. You can obtain map either from some digital source e.g. Google maps or you can scan some of your paper maps. After that you can plan your trips, browse your past trips, or publish your trip with track on the map and waypoints with photos and comments on the Internet to share your joy from trip with your friends and other people.

Control the application

Maps bounding boxes

Covering by maps

Searching in point databases

Working with tracks

Track editor

Track point editor dialog

Printing in MapView

Creating of submap

Calibrating of a new map

Raster map have to be calibarated to obtain precise results with GPS or accurate correspondence between two maps which covers same place. You should know map datum (Ellipsoid which approximate shape of the World surface and correction between ellipsoids origin) and map projection (describe how to project a partial the Earth view to the planar paper).

Settings dialog

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