About MapView

MapView is mapping software dedicated to route planning and navigation for hiking and cycling. It is very handy for geocaching lovers. It enables you to plan your trip or expedition from comfort of your home desktop computer. You can plan your tracks by simple clicking on the map, or you can view track logs from the other people. You can check your tracks with on-line satellite or orthophoto maps e.g. Google maps.

You can manage points of intereset. Wherever you find something interesting e.g. water source, campsite, bivouac, geocache or mountain summit, you can store this places to appropriate categories by selecting place from map or grabbing it from GPS. In anytime later you can browse these points and look round its neighbourhood and it's possible to tell GPS to navigate to that place.

You can measure distance, velocity, azimuth and altitude. It's possible to view altitude profile of your trip.

It's possible to make smaller sub-map of bigger map or sub-map of some on-line map for offline using in your desktop computer or in your PDA for your nature adventure. You can create your own map by scanning some paper map and calibrating it with proper map datum and map projection to gps gets work correctly.

Even you can use map without calibration, however you can't use gps support on this map. But it is still possible use this map for example on your trips from notebook or PDA, or you can print this map on the printer.